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The magic happens in the process.


Thorough research provides critical insights into how audiences and stakeholders think, feel and act, and enables us to establish where we are and where we need to get to. As well as desktop research, this stage may include wider internal and external consultation, and surveys to the established target groups.

Surveys help us gather insights such as brand perception from audiences, and provides internal stakeholders the opportunity to share opinions, perspectives and ideas on tailored topics relevant to the project.


Workshops provide a deep dive into the areas we need to focus on to make your brand thrive. They are designed to get teams engaged, to collaborate, and even to debate findings from the discovery phase. The sessions include a number of creative exercises to unleash curiosity and uncover the layers of your brand.


Possibly the most crucial part of the process, this is where the we go through all the findings with a fine tooth comb and add our layer of strategic distillation to map out your brand strategy.


We present your new brand strategy; the blueprint for your business. We can also support you with socialising the strategy with teams, planning implementation, dreaming up a new visual identity, and refreshing or creating a website.

“Sophie helped us define and implement our brand strategy, visual identity and website - our entire team found the process fantastic. We highly recommend working with her.” — Delphine Trabaldo Togna, Co-founder, Board Owl