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We are living in a flooded brandscape.
It’s a matter of creating distinction...
or facing extinction.

The success of a brand begins

with an emotional foundation:
the roots.

Establish your brand roots.

Brands are popping up everywhere, every day. The ones that survive in the harsh conditions are those with a strong, clear purpose and direction. 

We offer unique, experienced and creative perspectives to ensure that your brand is well thought out and has had every corner explored.

We'll help you identify and clarify all the layers of your brand and develop a compelling strategy so you can cohesively and accurately share that vision with your audiences.

Why brand strategy?


It all starts with a 

An emotional connection happens when a brand embraces who they are and tells a story that resonates with its audience. By digging deep and defining why your brand exists, core values, personality, offering, and everything in between - collaborating on creating a brand strategy will help your business have greater effects.

Our strategic approach will help you discover your purpose, clarify your message, and communicate with confidence. We’re in the business of helping brands feel, speak, sound, act, think, look and connect in a way that resonates with the right audiences and the journey they’re on.

Our approach

Brand Strategy

The blueprint for 
your brand.

A solid brand strategy allows you to cohesively and accurately share that vision with your target audience, positioning your brand in the best possible light.

Brand Coaching/Group Program

Better together.

1:1 coaching is best for brand owners who would like guidance and support as they navigate through the process themselves. Each coaching plan is customised to your specific needs to support you in the way that will benefit you most, whether that’s a one-off strategy session or longer.

Group programs (limited to five people per month) is a part coaching, part self guided workshop series designed to support small business owners in creating their own brand strategy.

Employer Brand Strategy

Attract and retain.

A great employer brand strategy attracts great candidates, leads to long lasting staff retention and stronger, real employee engagement. Our in depth employer brand strategy process will help you define the core of what sets you apart.


QBIT Capital
QBIT Capital

QBIT Capital

QBIT Capital is a wealth management firm for ultra high net worth individuals and families across the globe. Their objective is to “bring innovation and disruption into capital management”.

Their tagline, ‘Foresee the unseen’, plays strongly to the ‘one step ahead’ mentality of the brand; helping clients invest in new, bold and unique global ventures. The logo is a reflection of QBIT’s specificity, global connections and collaborations, innovative nature, and unique strategic positioning.

Deliverables: brand strategy, tagline, logo, visual identity, animation, website design and development

“The impact on my work has been instrumental! Building a new brand is not an easy task. Sophie took all the necessary time to better understand what I was trying to build, achieve and communicate. She challenged the thought process, guided me in defining the path, and made it fun and enjoyable. She also helped us build a website that really reflects our identity.”— Georges Khneysser, Founder, QBIT Capital

Board Owl

Board Owl is a digital matching platform and community for companies looking to leverage a powerful board, and individuals looking to share their expertise and develop through holding board positions. Their goal is to “be recognised for owning - and excelling in - our market place.”

Their tagline, ‘Matched with wisdom’, empowers individuals to harness their best selves with the trust that Board Owl has the knowledge, experience and wisdom to match them with the right organisations. It also assures companies that Board Owl operates with deep experience and expertise in matching the right candidates to their board positions.

Deliverables: brand strategy, tagline, logo, visual identity, website design

“Sophie helped us define and implement our brand strategy, visual identity and website - our entire team found the process fantastic. We highly recommend working with her.” — Delphine Trabaldo Togna, Co-founder, Board Owl
Board Owl
Board Owl

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From marine conservation to investment banking, our diverse client base spans Australia to Switzerland.

Developing engaging, smart strategy is where our expertise shines and we’re proud that our work has positively impacted brands in Australia, US, Europe, Indonesia and Asia.

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